Flight Passenger Travel Stories: Round Trip Minneapolis-St. Paul to Seattle-Tacoma to Honolulu

Ever meet some interesting passengers during your flights? I love chatting with travelers, especially those that fly solo as they sometimes long for someone to chat with in those long trips. I’ve done it before and would people chatting with me to make the time go faster.

3-Hour Flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul (Minnesota) to Seattle-Tacoma (Washington state) International Airport

First, I would like to share my first passenger story that actually flew with someone else. It was my flight from MSP to Seattle-Tacoma on Sunday, October 18th (6:40am departure):

I was assigned the very back row on the middle seat (3 in a row) on Alaska Airlines. As I put my carry-on the top shelf, I introduced myself to two “older” ladies between me. The lady sitting along the aisle was very vocal as she started to open up about herself right away. It went something like this (paraphrasing)-“Hi, I’m ____ and I’m a former alcoholic” (quietly and nicely). The lady by the window just nicely giggled as I responded in my mind, “Wow, this lady is going to be very interesting”. I then replied with encouragement, “We all have had some struggles with addiction and I used to love eating sweets”. She then replied, “What type of sweets you like to eat?”. I then replied, “Well, I used to love drinking pop and eating candy growing-up”. This conversation would go on as I would share about my recent growth to live a more healthier lifestyle. The topics would change quickly from-“What pets do you have? Why don’t you have pets? Is that your brother (After my younger brother in the next row across the aisle would chat with me)? You like music? You listen to Christian music? , etc..”. The lady besides me (window seat) would just continue to giggle nicely off and on as she would read her book. From my work background (working with physically-mentally challenged adults), I was able to patiently converse with her and would actually enjoy it during our 3+/- hour flight. I was able to read around 40-50 pages of my book (Hobbit) between our breaks.

Between our breaks, she would just get up and go use the bathroom just behind our seat. One time, she just got up during the “buckle your seat belt” sign was up. I was about to tell her it wasn’t time, but she got up. The guy (could be husband/brother/etc..??) sitting across from her told her to go back to her seat. She then pointed to me that I told her to get-up. I would signal to the guy “no” by shaking my head left and right) as I smiled. I just had to gently smile and remained quiet as she sat back down.

We would talk more and asked about each others’ family. I found out her sister lives in Alaska where she grew up. She was flying to Washington state from Minnesota (forgot the name of the town, I think-Lakeville??). I then shared about my involvement with my local church (e.g. singing in the worship team/choir group) and she would share the same (e.g. volunteering certain days of the week at a shelter or something).

After we got off the plane, my younger brother would later tell me that the seat (middle) besides him was open. He jokingly told me that he never told me this because he thought I was having a good conversation time with my “new friend” 🙂

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Five “plus”-hour flight from Seattle-Tacoma, Washington state to Honolulu, Hawaii

After our long 10-12 hours between our next flight, we went back to the airport and got ready for out longer (5 hours +) flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. In this particular flight, I was in the middle seat again a little past the center of the plane. The guy to my left was in the Navy flying back to his new home in Hawaii, which he has lived for about a year now. He moved from Georgia. We would chat a little off and on as we talked about various topics (e.g his fond interest of scuba diving).

The guy to my right (aisle seat) was an IT (technology) guy who travels pretty much all over the country and Canada doing “IT” stuff (e.g. computer wiring stuff that takes 8-12 hours a day). He was just going to Hawaii for only 2 days (1st day rest and 2nd day just to do work). He originally is from Detroit metropolitan area, which I would ask about “8 mile” and the life there as I told him I used to have a renter/housemate/friend that grew-up in that area and told me many stories. After our conversations, he somewhat started to open up and share more about his family by sharing his personal family pictures. He shared about how his teenager daughter plays sports in her high school. Also, he would share a bunch of pictures (on his smartphone) of his travels (e.g NASA Space Center in Houston, San Antonio-Texas, New Mexico, etc..). I was delighted that this guy would share these pics (some personal) with me after just meeting briefly with each other during this 5+ hour flight.

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more later…

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