Hawaii Visit: Oahu Island-North Shore’s Laie

Aloha :)…

We arrived around 12:30ish in the early morning (Monday, October 19th 2015) at the Courtyard Marriott Oahu North Shore in Laie. It was about an hour drive from the Honolulu International Airport, which having no traffic and hardly no cars this late made the drive a lot quicker.

We were all tired and I remember asking the lady at the desk about the closest place to surf as this was already on my mind :). We were thirsty, so we ended up buying 2 bottles of water to get us through the night as we plan to get a gallon at a nearby grocery store. I slept pretty good as my parents slept in the next bed. We woke up the next day and I went on my lab top googling the closest grocery store. I found out it was just a walk away, so I decided to head out and anxiously explored the neighborhood…

It was already hot around 9ish or so in the morning, which I was fascinated by the scenery outside of the hotel as we weren’t able to see it during the hour drive in the dark late last night/early morning…

During my 10-15 minute walk (short cut through the neighborhood), I marveled this unique bird that was just standing at someone’s yard..

I never saw this particular specie before, so I had to get this pic (above). I would walk by the residents of the neighborhood and quietly nod. I forgot to research the cultural greeting as a stranger and didn’t want to make myself look like an obvious tourist. I finally got to the market as I carried a pic on my digital camera of the map to remind myself where to go. ..

I walked around throughout most of the grocery store to see what type of foods they had. I bought some local bananas, which looked a little different from the ones I buy in Minnesota. They ended up tasting really good! I would get some “breakfast” food (loaf of bread slices, jar of peanut butter, and jar of jelly-along with some eating utencils) to help cut down on cost of eating “breakfast” out each morning. I then got my gallon of water. It was a workout walking back to the hotel as I took the shorter route (along Kamehameha Hwy) since I had a load to carry. I walked along the stores of the shopping center to scout for future places to go eat or shop at, which they had a variety of places (see list).

I came to our hotel and would share what I found during my walk with my parents and later my brother’s family (stayed next door). My parents weren’t too excited what I bought as they wanted a “real meal” for breakfast. I told them that McDonald’s was just next door across the parking lot (view able from our hotel room). My parents wanted to go there instead, so we walked there…

… I ended up ordering myself since I was there already. We were glad we found this instead of eating breakfast at the hotel after our brother told us it cost $9 or so for a lite breakfast with his nephew.

We went back to our hotel room and planned out our first scenic tour of the North Shore 🙂

On Tuesday (October 20th) morning, I woke-up to a beautiful scenery from our ground-level (2-story) bedroom…

Early Morning Rainbow Over Laie-Oahu, Hawaii

…It just rained and would continue to shower off and on throughout the morning. This would be the only day during our 8-days in Hawaii that we would see any precipitation.

*please come back for more stories…thank you!



Food Pantries – Aloha United Way 2-1-1 Community … auw211.org
Hawaii Foodbank Member Agencies hawaiifoodbank.org
Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division – Youth hawaii.salvationarmy.org

*Any other organizations out there that should be listed above? Feel free to share below. Mahalo/Thanks!

What are some of your favorite attractions or visits in the north shore? Any personal stories?..”

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