Hawaii Visit: Oahu’s North Shore Drive Tour

We started our north shore drive sometime mid-morning (Monday, October 19th 2015) from Laie..

Laie, Oahu-Hawaii

I was marveled by the beautiful palm trees. It was a gorgeous sunny day to start our 1st full day in Hawaii. Along the drive going northwest, we saw a wind farm..

It reminded me of the one I saw above the sky from the plane when landing in Japan back in 2011.

Here is one of the church buildings I took along the route..

My brother and his wife excitedly pointed to this restaurant…

We would later check it out the following day (more pics below)

This is probably one of our favorite stops along the shore..

We found abundance of variety tropical fruits in this one roadside market…

They had 3-4 different vendors and there were so many different colorful delicious fruits to choose from-just like a taste of Heaven 🙂

I ended up buying from one vendor that didn’t get many customers buying from this as my way to encourage and support 😉

I was intrigue by the way their sweet corn looked..

I would’ve bought one if I had a place at the hotel to boil/cook it. I was very curious of the taste.

Do you know the name of this tree?…
Hawaii: Oahu’s North Shore-“Kahuku Fruit Stand’s Fuzzy Tree”?

I had to take a quick pic of this landscape as I had a deja vu moment..

I had a recent dream of this place and couldn’t specifically pin point what it was about. As usual, when I have dreams, I try to pray…

Ever had a deja vu moment (dreams of a place that came to reality)?..

Good News Dreams

I would share this with my family in the rental van as we drove. I’ll let you know when I get a follow-up to this dream. Stay tune 🙂

During our drive along the shore, we spotted this beautiful beach and had to stop to take pictures..

Hawaii: Oahu’s North Shore Drive Part 2

We stayed here for a good amount of time and took a lot of pictures as we marveled the scenery. I found a sea shell and took it with me and would get “told” that it brings bad luck if you take it from the original place. I told my family that I won’t bring it home then, but I would leave it in our rental van until “something bad happened”. I then decided to get rid of it right away ! 😦 More on this story later 😉

Here is another pic of a beautiful church building..

We left the North Shore area to head south to the central part of the island to the southwestern corner to visit Aulani’s Disney Resort



Sunset Beach Christian Church, sbccs.org
“… is located on Oahu’s North Shore in Haleiwa, HI. We were established in 1952 as a small mission focused on the training and equipping of believers..”
The Mission, themissionnorthshore.org
“.. is a local church in Sunset Beach, on the North Shore of Oahu. Our Mission as a church is to know and experience GOD more and more everyday as disciples of Jesus Christ. And to share with as many people as possible, the love, grace, compassion, forgiveness, hope, meaning and purpose that GOD has given to us through Jesus Christ.


Food Pantries – Aloha United Way 2-1-1 Community … auw211.org
Hawaii Foodbank Member Agencies hawaiifoodbank.org

What are some of your favorite attractions or visits in the north shore? Any personal stories?..”
Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division – Youth hawaii.salvationarmy.org

Good News USA

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