Philippines-Metro Manila Visit

We arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport late Sunday (November 2012) night. I wished I brought a pre-paid cell phone as we had trouble finding our relatives. As we got out of the terminal, we had to contact our relatives that we arrived. The first person we asked was the airport security officer. He kindly loaned us his cell phone and as I returned it saying thank you-He told me that “…it would cost some money..$10-$20?!”. I looked at him with a surprise look, but very tiring gave him $10 with some frustration as I was desperate. My mom and I brought a lot of luggage (most were gifts to our relatives), so I stayed in one area to watch all of them while my mom went to look for them. While waiting, I would try to borrow a cell phone to call one of my cousins to tell her my location. This was the beginning of a long on-going call as we had trouble trying to pin point our location. Long story short, I believe we finally found each other after over an hour. I was very tired and was very relax while we rode through the night of the “less traffic” Metro Manila..

It was somewhat a peaceful ride to get away from the hectic busy airport and I would chat with my relatives that picked us up. When we got to our relatives home, we would chat awhile and then went to bed.

November 25th 2012

Philippine Trip 12′ Pt 45 “Metro Manila Morning Drive” (November 25th 2012)

What’s your favorite parts of Metro Manila?


Tondo-“Smokey Mountain”


“..Heartbreakingly, many who live here are being left far behind in abject poverty. According to statistics: 4 million or 37% of the entire population are below the poverty line and live in heavily populated slums…

It has become my mission to fundraise for the Preschool in Smokey Mountain. Through multiple efforts such as holding and performing at benefit concerts, auctioning off original artworks, creating social media movements and approaching different bodies and companies I hope to make the Paraiso: Beginning’s Project a success…”

PARAISO: The Bright Beginnings Project | Advocacy Awareness Video by Catriona Gray

Oikos Helping Hand | Love the poor in the Philippines

The Memory Project and Project PEARLS | Project PEARLS
“..a US-based charitable nonprofit organization that invites art teachers … such as violence, disasters, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents. … This organization wants the portraits that they donate to help the children feel … LAKAS Tribe, Botolan, Zambales; and Smokey Mountain, Tondo, Manila…”

Good News Filipinos

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