Philippines: Pangasinan-Labrador Visit

We then got to my former grandparent’s (now deceased) place late in the evening. My uncle had to get a key from the neighbor and we waited in his truck. I was praying a little as it was kind of a spooky environment (e.g. dark and the neighbor had some loud music playing). We got inside the house and I started to get a “deja vu” moment of this place. I remember having a dream of this house and can’t remember if I was here last time I visited back in 2001. I ended up praying and asking God’s presence for this place. We slept on the floor on these mattresses.

The next day, I was awaken by the rooster-just a natural alarm. I got up and had breakfast. My uncle invited me to check out his fish farm out back, which was a walk a way…

I fell in love of the scenery, so I tried to take some selfie pics..

I forgot the name of this type of tree..

I met some of his fishing buddies/helpers and showed them my baseball gloves. I brought a couple of baseball gloves to get the people I played with interested in this Americana sport. I decided to leave them as I hope this will get them to play this popular sport in America..

Philippine Trip 2012 Pt 10 Pangasinan: Playing Baseball Catch (thurs Nov. 15th 12′)

Philippine Trip 2012 Pt 10 Pangasinan: Playing Baseball Catch (thurs Nov. 15th 12') from Sal Monteagudo on Vimeo.

I also brought my frissbee, which I also decided to leave it there as I learned it when I visited Mexico back in 2001. The kids loved it, so I thought it’ll be nice to give the kids here one too.

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