Hawaii: Oahu-Honolulu’s Kahala Resort

Hawaii: Dolphins at Kahala Hotel & Resort (Oahu Island)


During our walk along the beach front by the shops, I notice a guy w/no limbs. He reminded me of Nick Vujicic..

The Incredible Love Story of Nick Vujicic and His Wife.

I felt the urge to talk to him, but some other guy went up to him and chatted with him. He was all smiling with this guy w/ no limbs (just no legs). I prayed in my spirit for their conversation and smiled that they were having a conversation and this guy w/no limbs wasn’t alone. 🙂

Prison Ministry nlchonolulu.org
“Chaplain Dennis Yokota has served in the Good News
Jail & Prison Ministry for over 25 years. He oversees
the Halawa Correctional Facility, Waiawa Correctional
Facility, and coordinates the weekly inmate video visits
at various church locations.


Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations auw.org
Food Pantries – Aloha United Way 2-1-1 Community … auw211.org

Good News USA

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