Philippines: Olongapo City on Subic Bay in Zambales Province

We visited Olongapo City in Zambales Province. It’s an old naval city along Subic Bay. …

My cousin had to attend this auction event…

While we were at this place, I found this vehicle with a cool saying..

After the auction event, we drove to town…

and went to this shopping center for lunch..

It was across the street from the popular SM Mall chain..

My cousin (Al) and I had a cool conversation as he took a break outside before entering the shopping mall.

We drove back to the auction place…

and went on a tour of their goods in the parking lot…


Looking for churches, ministries, non-profit organizations, etc.. that are helping their local community in various ways. Feel free to share any others below, which these are just some random ones I found online. Maraming salamat (thank you very much in Filipino/Tagalog)…

What are some of your favorite places to visit in the Olongapo City-Subic Bay area in Zambales province?

Good News Philippines

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