Hawaii: Oahu’s Diamond Head State Monument

Ever hiked this before? Would love to hear your adventure stories how you did it down below. I wished I read some info before I went hiking with some family members-friends (e.g. my elderly parents over the ages of 70 to mid 70’s). I had a plastic bag of food and two bottles of water, which ended up being used before finishing the hike. I recommend each individual equipping themselves a small backpack with 2 bottles of water, energy snacks, and small First Aid kit.

My reason for recommended these items I listed above is due to my 2+ hour (round trip)”adventurous” hike with family-friends last Fall (October 25th 2015 in mid 80’s F late morning- 10:30ish-12:30ish in the afternoon). Why adventurous? Well, we started the hike almost late morning. I would recommend earlier next time if the temperatures will be hot. Somewhat past mid-way of our hike (going-up), we met a family (going down the hill) with kids that were “hungry” and “thirsty”. I ended up giving them some of my energy bars as I felt so bad for them. I saved one for my mom as she needed it. I couldn’t give them h20 since I needed it for my mom and myself. Fortunately, a bunch of hikers (going down too) nearby taking a rest in this particular rest stop was so nice enough to share their already “unfinished-opened” bottle of water. The parents of the kids were so desperate that they didn’t care of a bunch of strangers offered their unfinished bottle of water they already drank from.

“Around 10:45ish in the morning on Saturday, October 25th 2016 “something” . A 5 minute or so wait in the line of vehicles just to park at the state park.”

My mom wasn’t able to get to the top, but my dad and I were after my younger bro’s family (including their 50+ year old mother in law) were able to finish. My brother stayed behind to help my mom while my dad and I did a quick view of the top. The real “adventure” was more going down as my mom struggled. It was so hard for her that I had to physically stand besides her as she walked step by step going down. I was at a point (e.g. my mom drank the last sip of both bottles of water I had) which I started to cry out to the Lord for help and fight the “negativity” (e.g. Lies from Satan to “accuse” or “blame” ) in my mind. God answered my prayers as my younger brother already reached the bottom with his family and came jogging back with a couple of new bottles of water.

I did a quick thank you to God and would help my mom finished going down the hill. My brother (taller than me) would carry my petite mom several times to make the hike down the hill go quicker as the trails were so narrow and would cause a back-up of hikers going down the same way. We even stopped at this area to toilet “off the trail” because there were no bathrooms.

RECOMMEND: PLEASE put porta potties or urinals along the hike PLZ!!

Hawaii: Diamond Head State Monument Hike Challenge

I thanked God when we reached the bottom and my parents would rest the whole afternoon when we got to our hotel. It took several days for my mom to get her strength back as she cut down on activities for the rest of last days of our vacation.

Update: After attending this morning’s Sunday (28th of February 2016) service at my local church. I thought of this blog and wanted to add that this whole story seem to be a “life teaching lesson”. It’s particularly on how the devil tries to get us go against each other (e.g. accuse someone you love). For example, if I didn’t hold/tame my tongue and start yelling/blaming those during the hike. Ever blamed someone for your “current situation” because of something that happened in the past? It would’ve worsen the situation. May you learn from this lesson and apply this in your daily “life journey” when you face similar “trials” or “mountains“.



Kapahulu Bible Church kapahulubible.org

*I chose this particular church in this region because this is the one I found when I was looking for a church service my family and I could attend during our vacation in the area.

Prison Ministry nlchonolulu.org
“Chaplain Dennis Yokota has served in the Good News
Jail & Prison Ministry for over 25 years. He oversees
the Halawa Correctional Facility, Waiawa Correctional
Facility, and coordinates the weekly inmate video visits
at various church locations.


Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations auw.org
Food Pantries – Aloha United Way 2-1-1 Community … auw211.org

Good News USA
<a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/141726

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