USA: Minnesota-Fergus Falls Regional (Historic Kirkbride State Hospital) Treatment Center

Regional Treatment Center “..The Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center (RTC) Complex is a unique landmark of Fergus Falls. It served for many years as a state hospital for patients with mental illness, developmental disabilities or chemical dependency. At one time the institution housed 2,000 patients…” Self-Contained City Fergus Falls State Hospital: History & Photographs […]

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USA: Minnesota- Runestone in Kensington (Douglas County)

Vikings in America “..Alexandria’s claim to be “Birthplace of America”… … rests on their runestone. Big Ole, a 28-ft. tall fiberglass Viking statue, lets visitors know that Alexandria takes the claim seriously, as does a 25-foot-tall replica runestone on Hwy. 27, east of the the city. But the authentic item in the Kensington Runestone […]

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