USA: Minnesota-Fergus Falls Regional (Historic Kirkbride State Hospital) Treatment Center

Regional Treatment Center “..The Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center (RTC) Complex is a unique landmark of Fergus Falls. It served for many years as a state hospital for patients with mental illness, developmental disabilities or chemical dependency. At one time the institution housed 2,000 patients…” Self-Contained City Fergus Falls State Hospital: History & Photographs […]

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USA: Minnesota- Runestone in Kensington (Douglas County)

Vikings in America “..Alexandria’s claim to be “Birthplace of America”… … rests on their runestone. Big Ole, a 28-ft. tall fiberglass Viking statue, lets visitors know that Alexandria takes the claim seriously, as does a 25-foot-tall replica runestone on Hwy. 27, east of the the city. But the authentic item in the Kensington Runestone […]

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USA: Minnesota-“Minnehaha Falls Regional Park in Minneapolis”

Minnesota: Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, MN Minnehaha Regional Park “One of Minneapolis’ oldest and most popular parks features a majestic 53-foot waterfall, limestone bluffs, and river overlooks, attracting more than 850,000 visitors annually…” Minnehaha Falls Regional Park “..The New England poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, gave this Minneapolis waterfall national fame in the Song […]

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Minnesota: Outdoors~Winter-Lutsen’s Moose Mountain”

–Summit Chalet “…The Chalet’s expansive deck is a wonderful place to soak-in the fresh mountain air and panoramic views of Lake Superior’s dramatic coastline, Superior National Golf Course, the Superior National Forest, and surrounding area. ..” Lutsen Mountain’s “Moose Mtn” : Different Runs –Upper Bull Run -Lower Bull Run -Caribou Chair Lift -Upper Caribou -North […]

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Minnesota: Outdoors~Winter-Lutsen’s Mystery Mountain”

“Behind me is Eagle Mountain” To my left is.. “..view of Moose Mountain” Lutsen Mountain’s “Mystery Mtn” Scenic View & Snowboarding “Sliding” Vlogging -Base (Bottom) Lutsen Mountain’s “Mystery Mtn” Base (Poplar River) to top of Eagle Mtn (Bridge Chair Ride) *see Bridge Chair lift ride to Eagle Mtn. MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 🙂 -Churches Churches in […]

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Minnesota: Outdoors~Winter-Lutsen’s Eagle Mountain”

Eagle Mountain Chairlift View Lutsen Mountain’s “Eagle Mountain” Scenic View Vlogging –Big Run (3+ minutes) Lutsen Mountain’s “Eagle Mtn-Bridge Run”: Snowboarding Vlog =>Bridge Chair Lutsen Mountain’s “Eagle Mtn-Bridge Chair Lift”: Scenic View Vlog, from *Note: More videos and pics coming as time permits to upload, so stay tune for more… What’s your favorite […]

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Minnesota: Outdoors~Winter-Lutsen’s Ullr Mountain”

Ullr Mountain, “…Home to Lutsen’s Ski Learning Park. Ullr has it all – tailored skiing: beginner bumps, corduroy for carving, race training and a large beginner’s area. Designated as a slow skiing zone, Ullr Mountain provides learners and families a non-threatening environment to build skills at their own pace…” “Where Ullr & Chick-A-Dee Trails […]

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