Minnesota: Outdoors~Winter-Lutsen’s Mystery Mountain”

“Behind me is Eagle Mountain” To my left is.. “..view of Moose Mountain” Lutsen Mountain’s “Mystery Mtn” Scenic View & Snowboarding “Sliding” Vlogging -Base (Bottom) Lutsen Mountain’s “Mystery Mtn” Base (Poplar River) to top of Eagle Mtn (Bridge Chair Ride) *see Bridge Chair lift ride to Eagle Mtn. MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 🙂 -Churches Churches in […]

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Minnesota: Outdoors~Winter-Lutsen’s Eagle Mountain”

Eagle Mountain Chairlift View Lutsen Mountain’s “Eagle Mountain” Scenic View Vlogging youtue.com –Big Run (3+ minutes) Lutsen Mountain’s “Eagle Mtn-Bridge Run”: Snowboarding Vlog =>Bridge Chair Lutsen Mountain’s “Eagle Mtn-Bridge Chair Lift”: Scenic View Vlog, from youtube.com *Note: More videos and pics coming as time permits to upload, so stay tune for more… What’s your favorite […]

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